World’s Smallest Laptop Adapter

World’s Smallest Laptop Adapter: Since 2010, FINsix has created compact and powerfully advanced power conversion products and electronic systems. FINsix was recently awarded the 2014 CES Innovations and Design Engineering Award for their sleek... Read more →

Microsoft Windows 8.1 review

Microsoft Windows 8.1 review Windows 8.1 is here. And it can be downloaded for free. But is it able to fix the wrong with Windows 8? You get all the promises kept by the Microsoft in Windows 8.1 as its extras. It is providing you Facebook, full... Read more →

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 review

Lenovo comes with two new tablets – Yoga 8 and Yoga 10. They are with unique design and impressive battery life. It is on sale for £200. Features are : Design: Extremely light 401g despite the metal body. Cylindrical bulge along one side... Read more →
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