4 simple tips to keep your online accounts secure

Security experts say passwords for more than 2 million Facebook, Google and other accounts has been compromised and circulated online.

 Some services like Twitter has disabling the affected passwords. In this way the threats has been minimized.

Here are some tips following which you are able to secure your account:

1.      One thing leads to another

When a hacker gets access to one of your account, he gets a way to your other account. Because there are many people who use the same password for there all the accounts. If the hacker has got the access to your Facebook account, he might get access to your important account.

It can be more serious if this password has been used for an e-mail account.

2.      Better passwords

To protect your accounts you must have better passwords. To have better passwords you must have the combination of the alphabet, symbol and numericals.

Researches have shown that only 5% people have excellent password, 17% have good password and the rest were moderate or worse password.

3.      A second layer

Many services use the second layer protection. In this service a message is sent to your phone. The aim of this service is to stop the hacker accessing to your account. The hacker may have your password but he will not be able to get the access to your account.

4.      One final step

Change your passwords regularly. If you have a regular schedule for changing passwords for major accounts, you reduce the chances of harming your account by the hacker.

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