Microsoft Windows 8.1 review

Microsoft Windows 8.1 review

Windows 8.1 is here. And it can be downloaded for free. But is it able to fix the wrong with Windows 8?

You get all the promises kept by the Microsoft in Windows 8.1 as its extras. It is providing you Facebook, full featured Mail app, modern Outlook, “peek” bar in the modern version of Internet Explorer 11 and new Window Scan app.

There is still a wait for the proper touch versions of the Office app but this is how the things work in Microsoft’s new world. There are many things which are going on in the development lab.

The start button is back. You can use the same image for the start screen as your desktop background.

SkyDrive is built into sync files as well as settings and the layout for your Start screen and Desktop taskbar.

There are many settings that can be changed without jumping to the desktop and you have more options for how you place modern apps on the screen.

Reviews in brief :


  • Welcome Start Button
  • Improved performance
  • SkyDrive integration in a better way
  • New ways for personalization in PC 


  • You may take while to get used to it
  • No improvement in touch apps of office
  • Internet Explorer is not supporting all the sites
  • It is hard to see the progress of background updates for Window Store apps and SkyDrive

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