Nokia’s Android phone Normandy purportedly leaked sporting custom UI, dual-SIMs

The photos of Nokia’s upcoming Android handset code named Normandy have leaked. It appears that the standard Android UI has been stripped out and it has been replaced by the looks that looks like a Window phone. The hardware design leaks show that the phone looks like a Lumia phone. It seems that after the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft, this device is on schedule to be released this year.

Microsoft had acquired Nokia some years ago. Still Nokia has been working on the new hardware. It is very usual for a hardware company to try out different architectures internally. It is not good to have all the features in single phone. Window phone can’t have all the features at a single time. The pictures of Normandy shows that the hardware working was not an internal research. It can be said a near future project.

The photos looks like that the phone is using the Android UI which has been tailored to look like a Window phone. The photos not only show that the phone is using the window features but it has also include the Skype. The images show that the phone is going to have the two SIM card slots.

Not clear about the processor. But if it is cheap phone, it will contain a low end Qualcomm S4 SoC paired with a low-resolution screen and a pitiful amount of RAM and NAND flash storage.

It is most probable that the phone will be in the market in the month of February , 2014.

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