Sensors in your bra, on your wrist, attached to your chest, in the ears

There is a sensor in your bra, in your socks, on your wrist and attached to your chest. We are seeing the wearable technology everywhere now.

The use of such technology is increasing day by day. Theses tech are being used in many ways. To get the fitness, health and other goals these are being used.

It was also the hottest sectors in the display in the CES 2014 Event in Las Vegas.

“Our vision is that the garment is the next computer,” says David Vigano, chief executive of Heapsylon, maker of the Sensoria Fitness bra, T-shirt and socks. He has connected to a smartphone designed for runners and others who want to monitor their health and improve workouts.

The fitness sector is one of the key areas in wearables. There are many devices like FitBit and Nike Fuel Band.

Smartwatches are also big segment. Samsung and Qualcomm are the giant name behind the wearable tech.

“We want to make everything smart. That’s what Intel does,” David Vigano said.

“The whole idea of allowing you to take control of your own health care is one of the great benefits of this technology,” Samsung vice president David Lowe told a CES panel.

One item is the June bracelet from French startup Netatmo. It monitors sun exposure to help users avoid damaging ultraviolet rays, delivering data to a smartphone.

“This allows you to track exposure to the sun in real time, but it looks like a stylish gemstone bracelet,” said Netatmo’s Emanuelle Thomas.

So it can be said that these days the wearable tech is going to be fast growing sector.

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