Sony PlayStation 4: 4.2 million, Microsoft Xbox One: 3 million

Sony has crossed the sales mark of 4 million for its gaming console, the Sony PlayStation 4. It was announced on Tuesday at the CES 2014 event in Las Vegas.

The exact figure of the sale of Sony PlayStation 4 is 4.2 million as on December 28, 2013. It is interesting that the sale were exactly half, 2.1 million, at the end of the first week from its November 15 launch.

The sales figure has surpassed Microsoft’s announced Xbox One sales by the end of December last year.

The factors those are contributing to the sales are price and availability apart from brand preference and each ecosystem’s attractiveness.

The price of Microsoft Xbox One is $500, while the price of the Sony PlayStation is $100 less, $400.

The availability of Sony PS 4 is wider than Microsoft’s Xbox One. Sony PS4 is available in 53 countries, while Microsoft’s Xbox One is available in 13 countries.

Sony PlayStation will launch its product in the mid of 2014 after having the testing phase of the PS. The gamers will be able to access the different games via the cloud on the devices like PS3, PS4, smartphones, tablets and the others which can be expand over time.

Sony is going to test its new television service. It is combining the traditional viewing with PlayStation gaming system. A cloud-based service is able to change long-established cable and media industry relationships.

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