This $2.3 million library has no actual books

A public library has taken the digital age to next level by introducing a library with no actual books in San Antonio. This library looks like an Apple store where iMacs and iPads are in a row containing numerous books.  It is the first public library that has gone fully digital.

This $2.3 million library in Texas has no actual books which makes BibiloTech the only bookless public library of the nation. It has attracted many people from all over the world even from the Eastern countries like Hong Kong.

“If you have bookshelves, you have to structure the building so it can hold all of that weight,” Head librarian Ashley Elkholf said.

Weber notes that the library looks like an Apple store because it has lined up iMacs and iPads to access the books. The employees are wearing the matching shirts and hoodies. There are hundreds of tablets which can be accessed by having a library card to borrow.

Mary Graham, vice president of South Carolina’s Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, said, “This is the future. If you’re going to be building new library facilities, this is what you need to be doing.”

A local student Abigail Reyes told Weber, “I kind of miss the books. I don’t like being on the tablets and stuff like that. It hurts my eyes.”

Head librarian Ashley Elkholf explains that there shold be a great respect for these expensive devices. She says that this would reduce the work-load of a librarian.

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