World’s Smallest Laptop Adapter

World’s Smallest Laptop Adapter:Mireles_finsix_(138_of_1)

Since 2010, FINsix has created compact and powerfully advanced power conversion products and electronic systems.
FINsix was recently awarded the 2014 CES Innovations and Design Engineering Award for
their sleek 65 watt laptop adapter which promises to bring power without the burden of a brick.
The FINSix Laptop Adapter looks like an elongated version of the tiny charger Apple includes with the iPhone, but it’s able to provide a laptop with 65W of power.
Using technology they developed at MIT the group managed to shrink the innards of your common laptop charger down, The result is a highly portable, 65-watt power adapter that also sports an inline USB connector so you can charge.
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The most striking feature of the FINsix laptop adapter is its size.
The company is also currently working on getting approval from Apple to
create a MagSafe version of the adapter for MacBooks.
The Features:
4x smaller and 6x lighter than today’s adapters.
Ideal for mobile professionals and students.
Built-in USB port replaces phone/tablet chargers.
Compatible with all major laptop smollest laptop adapterbrands.
Charges laptop and 10W devices simultaneously.
Wall plug form factor eliminates bulky AC cable.
Only occupies a single socket when plugged in.


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